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5 Steps for a Roof Leak


 1. Using a Tarp to Protect Your Roof

This step is trickier than it sounds.

Using a tarp to help protect your home is one of the steps Roofers Inc recommends while you are waiting for a roof repair.

Please Call us imediately and we will place a tarp on your roof. It is best to call a professional to put a tarp and secure the area. We strongly advice not to perform this process yourself becaue the area might be slippery. Without the right tools, falling off the roof can lead to serious injuries.

Laying a tarp over the affected areas of your roof can help prevent water from coming in and causing more damage.




 2. Contain the Water

When you have an active leak, the goal is to prevent as much damage as possible beyond what’s already been done.

You can protect the interior of your home to a certain extent by containing the water.

Using buckets, towels, or bowls, try to collect the water that drips into your home. This will protect your home until help arrives. 



 3. Move Important Items Out of the Way

When your roof is leaking, that’s bad enough. You don’t want to add insult to injury by your belongings getting ruined in the process. 

To preserve your personal belongings, you should move them out of harm’s way. Clear the affected area and follow the step above to contain the water. 



 4. Relieve Water Pressure

 A sagging bubble hanging from your ceiling is a sign of water collecting in that spot. 

While it might seem extremely satisfying to pop that bubble, homeowners may hesitate because they don’t know if it will worsen the damage. 

We’re here to tell you to give in to that intrusive thought and pop the bubble. 

If you leave it, the water could spread and cause more severe damage to the ceiling. Additionally, it could erupt on its own and create a larger mess. 

Puncture the bubble, and put a bucket underneath to catch the water. 



5. Take Photos for Insurance Documentation 

Documenting the damages will come in handy when you file your home insurance claim (if the damage is eligible). 

Photos will show the severity of the roof damage and all other compromised items. If the roof leak ruined items like your television or computer, your insurance could potentially fix the roof and replace the items you lost. 

Check Out our service on Insurance Claims.



The Recommended Solution to a Roof Leak: Call a Roofing Company

 When you’re facing a roof leak, you can take many steps: tapping your roof, containing the water, and even relieving water pressure. But the recommended step is to call a local roofing company to repair the leak.

 Leaks can be hard to diagnose and difficult for an amateur to repair. Calling a roofing professional means your roof will get the best possible care. 

 If you want to get educated about roof leaks before calling a rescue team, here are more resources. Read “5 Tips to care for your Roof" and “10 factors affecting a Roof” to prepare for the day when you need a roof leak repaired. 


If you’re located in Indianpolis, Roofers Inc may be the contractor for you. With many years of experience, we can rescue your roof from leaks. 

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